Analogue has been the mainstay of radio communications technology for over seventy years. Whilst electronic hardware has progressed from vacuum tubes through to sophisticated miniaturized microelectronics, the fundamental platform of analogue modulation and channel access schemes has from this medium. All aspects of society including industry, Government, Public Safety, individuals and communities have greatly benefitted from the progression and evolution of analogue two-way radio.

Whilst the emerging digital radio technologies offer exciting possibilities in potential new functionality and simplified connectivity, there still remains a strong case for high quality how the radio system is architected and what the customer operational and business requirements are, an analogue system can include many benefits.

Cost effectiveness

Due to the simplicity of design, most analogue terminals and base stations are low cost when compared to digital technologies such as P25 and TETRA.


Despite claims to the contrary, there are many natural advantages to an analogue system that are difficult to duplicate in a digital system. Deployments such as single frequency simulcasting, voting, consoles, telephone interconnect and some AVL/GPS formats are far more easily accommodated on an analogue platform than some digital technologies.


There are four major competing digital two-way radio technologies, each with issues regarding compatibility, interoperability and supported functionality. This is not thecase with analogue radio where many of these issues simply do not exist.


AA Radio is a highly experienced and skilled product integrator with competence in all aspects of digital and analogue two-way radio technology from design through to implementation and support. We have been delivering high quality two-way radio solutions for over thirty years and we enjoy a strong reputation and recognition from both the industry and our customers alike. We believe in guiding our customers through the maze of fact and hype by focussing on the business and operational requirements of our customer as the primary issue.

By maintaining vendor independence, AA Radio is able to choose the optimum solution for our customers and then deliver and support this for its entire life cycle. For our customers this ensures maximum return on their capital investment, while for AA Radio, it ensures repeat business and word of mouth reputation for excellence in radio systems solutions.

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