RFI has been serving the needs of the wireless communications market for over 25 years.

First founded as a manufacturer of antenna systems, RFI has grown to be a key player in the development, manufacturing and distribution of wireless technology and energy products.

Base Station Antennas

RFI have been supporting Australian customers with unique base station antenna designs for over 25 years.

The comprehensive range caters to frequencies from 27MHz to 5800MHz and includes dipole arrays, collinears, yagis, side mount dipoles, corner reflectors and phasing harnesses.

The latest patented meander line collinear and corporate collinear designs rewrite the rules on bandwidth and performance.

Mobile Antennas

RFI has an extensive range of mobile antennas, which includes Ground Independent Mopole™, roof mount, glass mount and elevated feed antennas in all frequency bands.

If your application requires a mobile antenna – AA Radio will have an RFI product to suit.


The correct choice of multicoupling in today's congested RF environment is challenging - but with RFI products, AA Radio meets this challenge.

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